Magic wand fitness studio

Magic Wand Fitness introduces a new generation of fitness training, which is suitable for both professional and recreational athletes, regardless of their age.

The facilities offer absolute comfort to visitors through the following amenities:

  • Professional consultations about the exercise
  • Private dressing rooms with showers
  • Washed undergarment for training and a fresh towel
  • Free parking spot
fitness studio

Miha Bodytec ® machine

najsavremeniji fitnes studio

Miha Bodytec ® is a state of the art EMS device, made in Germany, which stimulates muscles through electric impulse.

Users have the possibility to exercise gently and efficiently particular muscle group or the entire body. Effect is possible to see and feel almost immediately.

Miha Bodytec is all around device for various purposes.

In addition to the device, a visitor will receive the EMS suit.

EMS suit

EMS suit consists of a vest, a set of belts for both legs and arms, and a belt. The cables connect all parts with the main cable, which is plugged into the central console.

Cables are set on the electrodes, on all major muscle groups.

EMS suit is worn on top of the undergarment, which is sanitized and given to every visitor.