Simply more success

Although most clients are initially skeptical , due to unconventional type of workout, the results are nonetheless very positive.

In order to achieve the best effect, continuity and change of diet are compulsory. For both cases, we are here to help you.
By continuity, we recommend every 3 days (10 sessions per 1 month) or every 6 days (5 sessions per month) if you are active with other sports.

  • for most people first results can be noticed after 5 sessions already. In the beginning, first signs are increased stamina and feeling of being more rested.
  • After 10-12 workouts, muscle tone is noticeable.
  • Visible results are attainable after 30-40 sessions (3-4 months), when you can identify transformation of the body.
  • As the workout itself does not burden your joints, while empowering your muscles, the pain in your joints is gradually reduced to negligible after 20-30 workouts.
  • If you practice any other sport, this is your complement. The difference that you will feel in contact sport is in duels, where you will feel readiness, thus decreasing the chance of injury.
  • Special attention should be paid to the back, as the pain will eventually disappear. As the workout activates the entire body, muscles will support your spine, which in turn will reduce the pain. After 50-60 sessions, your back will not trouble you anymore.
  • After a year of continuous workout, your body will be completely transformed and ready to achieve greater obstacles.Depending  on your expectations, we will alter the workout according to your desires, as well as the diet.

Your achievement of results are our goals as well, as you are our testimony of success.