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Magic Wand Fitness presents the new generation of professional fitness workout, which is suitable for both professional and recreational athletes, regardless of age.

The workout consists of various conventional exercises enhanced by MihaBodytec, an EMS (electromyo stimulation) device, assisted by a professional instructor, who will arrange the characteristics of a workout.

Advantages of Magic Wand Fitness workout:

  • Engagement of entire or particular muscle groups, according to the demands
  • Activation of muscle groups, otherwise unreachable by conventional workouts (mainly in the cases of injury or inadequate muscle development
  • Entire training lasts for 20 minutes
  • 40% better outcome, compared to regular workouts
  • Workouts take place in a modern setting, with all the comfort and service that you need
  • Every client receives upon arrival a set of clean undergarment for the workout, dressing room with a shower, and a free parking spot at the sit